sábado, 5 de marzo de 2016

Bro, don’t lose her. Don’t let her slip away. I know you’re young and you want to get as many girls as you can and you want to be single and not have to worry about hurting these girls and dealing with all the bullshit that comes with making a commitment to someone, you wanna be the one every girl wants and the guy that can get every girl. But you have something so good right in front of you, don’t waste that on another girl who’s name you won’t remember in a few weeks. What do those girls do for you? No one else gets you the way she does. When the time comes and you realize how much you had and how much you left it behind, you’re gonna want her back and she’ll be gone. She’ll find someone else who makes her so happy that she can’t stop smiling, she’s gonna realize he does everything you never did. You’ll watch other guys approach her and give her attention and for the first time in a long time shell actually start to take it and flirt back because what does she have to lose? She’s single, right? You don’t want her anymore, remember? It’s the worst feeling you’ll ever experience, to physically watch her give her time and attention to another guy that’s not you. Just message her, call her, go see her, because the longer you leave it the further she’ll slip away and you really will regret it. Just don’t stand there and watch her drift, she’s worth so much more than that. She’s a keeper. When you read those quotes you think of her straight away and even though other girls come and go in your life she’s the one you think about the most. Yeah she’s a girl and she has her girl moments where you can’t be bothered with the boring conversations and being a gentleman all the time, but it will pay off when she gives you with what you really want; her complete time and attention to you and no other guy. The feeling when she tells you that she wants you right now so badly will make you want to run to be wherever she is. Go get her, because she may not show it but she really does miss you and would kill to have you in her arms again and her body next to you. Don’t let her leave and then expect her to come running back because she won’t, she doesn’t know how you feel, for all she knows you don’t even think about her anymore. Realize what you have while you still have it because once she’s gone she’s gone forever. She was yours. Shes too important to let anyone else have her and she’s too good to lose for one minute of pleasure with someone else. She misses you brother, go get her back.

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