martes, 3 de mayo de 2011

Sometimes i sit alone in the dark crying and my only wish in losing the memories.

I'm 99% sure you don't love me. (But it's that 1% that keeps me hanging on.)
One day she'll start sending mixed signals, and you'll get mad because she learned how to play your game.

Don't go anywhere without kissing her goodbye.

Even in the midst of lies, there is a deep comfort.

The millions of butterflies you give me just by the smallest things you do.

You asked me whose life was more important, yours or mine and I answered "mine."
You walked away angry not knowing that you are my life.

I just want everything I lost back.

“We do not need magic to transform the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already.”

I should really be sleeping right now...

It is he for my happiness, and he who brings my tears.

“And I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad. The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had.”

Looks like a smile can change the world.

Can’t sleep and I have school in the afternoon.

I will stay forever here to wait for your love.

I don't care about your past, all I want to know is if there's a place for me in your future

“I want that feeling in your chest when your heart feels like it might fly away if it wasn’t encased in your body.”
“Don’t feel stupid if you don’t like what everyone else pretends to love.”

“Rules were made to be broken; otherwise there would be no rules.”

beside you
To be trapped in your own mind.

Relationships should be more than just physical stuff.

I'm always going to want to blow your mind.

“You make jokes because you’re afraid to take anything seriously. Because if you take things seriously, they matter.”

“So, this is my life. And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I’m still trying to figure out how that could be.

Oh, cruel fate.
#becauseofmyex I find it hard to completely trust
#becauseofmyex I have become stronger
#becauseofmyex I learned the true meaning of love

Sometimes i try to go to sleep but then i look through my texts, start crying, and go back on tumblr.

I think that's being in love...

Someone come cuddle with me
I don't know how to love people.

Don't try to deny it, I'm the only one for you.
In life, there will be more bad days then when you have a good day....embrace and cherish the moment.
I love life because what more is there?
“Just because we don’t know where we are, doesn’t mean we’re lost.”

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