viernes, 22 de octubre de 2010

Random acts of kindness are the only acts of kindness worth a damn. Surprise someone today. Surprise yourself. Constantly.

You look at the world through tinted glasses. The tinted glasses are not the world. The world is the world.
Take your glasses off.

What you make by hand will never match what you make by heart.

Spinning in infinity. Searching for the silence.
You found it near the edge of here and there. On the borders of now and forever.

If you don't know whether you're coming or going maybe it's time to just stop.

You might be on your back but at least the view is nice.

Hold the peace inside yourself. Do not let it depend on other people, the day you’re having, the work you have to do or any of the other flotsam and jetsam of life.
Let it depend on you and the choice you make to feel it.

You got yourself up there. You can get yourself back down.

You left. I stayed. We both cried.

Pay no attention to these words.
Life is the only teacher worth listening to.

An infinite amount of worlds presents an infinite amount of possibilities. Anything is not only possible, it’s probable. So right now, somewhere in the depths of space, on a planet exactly like ours, a person exactly like you stood up and learned to fly.

Your hurt. Your anger. Your pain. Your sorrow. Your frustrations. These are all there for a reason. Use them.
Be inspired.
Do something.
Change the world.

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