martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

Somewhere, someone knows the words to the songs you sing.

The wall is there because you want it to be there. It stops you because you want it to.
When you're ready, it'll fade away. And reveal the dreams beyond.

If you don't hear voices, you're not listening hard enough.

The world is moving all the time. You just have to stop.
And feel it...

remember to get back up again

Fill yourself up on the things around you. Until you're bursting.
And then let them lose upon the page.

In order to do really great things, you need to make really great mistakes.

You could end it now. Tear it off and be done with it. But it will heal slower.
The end need not be so bitter.

You always write down the things you need to do, rather than the things you've already done.
You've got it backwards.

It's someone's birthday everyday. It's someone's wedding anniversary. It's someone's graduation. It's a holiday. A special day. Every day.
Look around you. There's always something to remember.

As soon as you begin to measure, you lose focus on what's really important.

You are the silence between the notes. The white space between the letters. The missing that makes everything else, a something.

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