martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

Telling people how you feel is the first step to feeling better.

You can change your mind in an instant.
Changing a heart, however, will take a lifetime.

I'd rather touch you than look at you.

If you jump, the universe will catch you.
If you open your arms, the world will do the same.

I've written you a hundred messages that I'll never send.

Love the people who give you what you need. Be careful of the people who give you what you want.

You don't have another life. Only this one.

Mourn what you lost. Celebrate what you had.
All things come to an end. Just as all things come to a beginning.

If you hate someone, you hate yourself. If you hurt someone, you hurt yourself.
If you love someone, you love yourself.
All of us are just reflections of you.

Everything will happen and will continue to happen as long as you're here.

The sky looks like it's falling.
But that's only because you're about to fly.

Other people will edit you your whole life. They'll take what you say and keep the bits they like and throw away the rest.
Don't edit yourself. Let other people do it for you.

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