viernes, 22 de octubre de 2010

You are whoever you believe you are. You are however you believe you are.
Pretend to be whoever or however you want to be. You will become whatever you pretend.

You need to play more.

You will only ever find what you're looking for. If you want to find something new and beautiful, you need to start looking for something new and beautiful.

Look up. Or you'll miss all the good parts.

The best way to find your own happiness, is to help others find theirs.

Open your eyes. Open your heart. Open your mind. Let the world pour into you. And pour yourself into the world.

Slip behind. Slip over. Slip under. Slip around. Or you can spend your whole life just trying to get through.

Never hide from the storm. You need to revel in it.

Breath in the light. Breath out the dark.

You had no idea what was going on in this picture. I still don’t.

The movies you make in your head are the reality you live each day. Be careful what you tell the director.

You need to listen to everyone. Learn from everything. And believe none of it.

Walk your own path. It has the best scenery along the way.

Never love to be loved in return. You are playing a fool's game. The love you have is its own reward.

I'm trying to disappear.

This world is sick SICK so kiss me quick

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