jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010

I hope the blue will bring you back. Because the blue took you away. It’s where you came from. Maybe I’ll go there one day.

Picture them in your mind. In that moment. Freeze it. See every detail. Hear every sound. Smell every scent.
They will carry you through the pain.

Place your right hand on your left shoulder blade. Keep it there. Now place your left hand on your right shoulder blade.And squeeze.

If you want to stop the hate, you need to start the love.

You need to slow down to really appreciate someone. No one is as scary as you think they are.

Sometimes it feels like every song on the radio was written just for you.
Sometimes, they are.

The world will be ready for you. When you are ready for the world.

You are stronger than you know. Stronger than you would believe. Stronger than anything the world has ever seen.

You’d flown away with your mended wings, years earlier.
I never though I’d see you again.

The madness spreads slowly from your keyboard to your fingers to your arms to your lungs to your heart to your soul.
You can kiss me. Or Hug.
Either one works just fine.

Busy is good. It means you're not bored.

Sometimes you're the frog. Sometimes you're the prince.

Don’t let your anger blind you. There are things worth seeing. And things not worth your anger.

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