viernes, 22 de octubre de 2010

Nature crowned you with dew as you lay there sleeping. Like a web after the rain. Like stars in the night sky. I didn’t want to wake you. I just wanted to sit and watch a while longer.

You can't change what you've done. What you can do now and in the future is another story entirely.
Worry less. Do more.

Don't feel like going to school tomorrow. Hopefully I don't. D:

Wow, this is quite amazing.! :D

Know who and what you are. Embrace it.

Every breath becomes a part of you. Then a part of the world. A part of you. Then a part of the world. Again. And again. And again.
You are everything.

You are constantly surrounded by beautiful things. You don't need someone to put it in a frame for you and say "Look, this is beautiful."
You just need to pay attention.

You need to be more than just another ant.

It's not about the light. It's about meeting people in the tunnel.

You won't know what's on the other side until you step through. You can wait. Or you can live.

Just another waste of time

The place you're looking for is where you are right now. You're just not seeing it.

with your teenage dream tonight.

Every cut. Every tear. Every time. You don’t know it, but I feel it too.
Please don’t hurt me.

It’s easy to have everything you want but nothing you need. Learn to tell the difference.

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