jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010

There was a time when you felt at peace. In control.
You need to go back there. Find it. And bring it with you when you return.

Sometimes the sky looks like the sea. Sometimes the sea looks like the sky.
Sometimes I am you. And sometimes. You are me.

You could just be a camera. A camera on two legs that films the things around it. Slowly recording the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and years as they pass.
Or you could be more.

There are moments of such pure, unparalleled perfection that they will force you to close your eyes and hold on to them as best you can.
Life is a series of these moments. Everything else is just waiting for them.

You have been given a day. This day will be different. Because today you can do all the things you've always been afraid to do. You can live.Today.

You need to let go.

It’s in your head and no one else’s. You need to calm down.

In your darkest house. When all else has failed. When you need it most.
It will come from above.

You look like every drawing of every character from every fairytale I’ve ever read.

You asked me for directions. I lied.
The best time to find yourself is when you’re lost.

Do it once. Then do it again. The more you write, the more you paint, the more you sing, the more you dance, the more you live, the better you get.
It’s that simple.

You work so hard yet you always greet everyone with the same warm smile.
Thank you for smiling.

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