sábado, 23 de octubre de 2010

This world is sick SICK so kiss me quick

I told you it was cold. You told me “Summer’s mosquitoes are quickly forgotten in winter.”
I only really get it now.

Standing on the edge of the water, I looked out towards a land I could not see. Somehow, I knew you were doing the same. Thinking of me. Thinking of you.

You told me that there were two of me, in me. The me I pretended to be. And the real me. You asked me to guess which one you loved more.
You kissed me before I could answer and in that moment, I knew.

We are crazy about crazy things!

Said te amo, wouldn't somebody tell me what she said Dont it mean I love you Think it means I love you Dont it mean I love you ♪

When you are happy, you will only remember the happy times in your life. When you are sad, you will only remember the sad times. There are two sides to everything. And life is never one colour.
Remember this.

so please don't lie to me, not in the way you did it with her.

she spoke words of wisdom .

You are constantly surrounded by incredible beauty wherever you go. Stop. And look around you.

Sometimes the sun shines and it still rains. The weather changes all the time. You can too.

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