sábado, 18 de septiembre de 2010

It's like you're my own drug.
Because you're addicted to me?
No, because you're ruining my life.

Would you hold my hand if I saw you in heaven?

# i love you more than you will ever know

Take a look through your eyes through my eyes

add life to your days,
not days to your life .

▲ You should know

Imagine, believe, dream, wish.

I'm not sad anymore.

I have the world in my hands.

I Could be dead in a second.
Everything's... So... Fragile.
Didn't you realise that?

live beyond the lights.

Kill with kindness

The future is out of focus.

And I miss you, and I love you. Thats true.

Well swing on the stars.

Beauty in Everything

All You Will Never Know

What I Really Learned In Study Hall

today, tomorrow, never yesterday.

Lets paint the world.

dont believe the hype!

it feels like times not on your side.

while my guitar gently weeps.

You Can't Tame My Style.

so keep talking cause i love to hear your voice.

who the fuck are you?

this is what it is by ~Rosalinaanstron.

im a human too, my life has value.

love will tear us apart.

i'm gonna be the end of you.

i must have cried outloud.

Just Tell Me You Love Me.

I hope you know I always call you my home

just thought you should know

Is more than love, aren't words, are feelings.

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